The Marche Yachting & Cruising (MYC) Association officially presented itself to the national and international trade press on September the 7th 2022 during the Cannes Yachting Festival, the opening show of the boating season.

The press conference, hosted by Cantiere delle Marche aboard its MY Uptight, saw as speakers Vasco Buonpensiere, member of the MYC Association Board and Founder & Sales Director of CdM, Maurizio Minossi, President of the MYC, and Luca Serfilippi, Secretary of the Bureau of the Marche Legislative Assembly, delegated by the Marche Region Councillor for Productive Activities and Vice President of the Marche Region Council, Mirco Carloni.

Central themes of the presentation were the training of resources for the nautical sector, the innovation, and the very importance of the yachting and cruising sector in the Marche Region.

As Vasco Buonpensiere pointed out: “When they told me about the Association’s project, especially from the training point of view, I was immediately convinced of the importance of being part of it. We want to develop synergies and promote ourselves in the right way to make people understand that Marche is the right side of Italy to build Yachts. It’s like with cars, when you think of Italian cars Turin immediately springs to mind, but the best ones are actually built in Emilia Romagna. That’s what we would like to see happen when it comes to yachts. That Marche would be immediately associated with the concepts of excellence and great opportunities offered by the Region”.

From Minossi’s point of view: “22 companies and a major University have joined forces to have a common voice with Institutions and training Bodies. All Members, while working in an international environment, recognise that the spirit of a territory where luxury ships have been built for 70 years is fundamental to excel in the world. Thanks to the Marche Region for its support to the Association and to the upcoming promotional initiatives that will bring the main players of the international market of the sector to our territory”.

Important words in the speech of the Councillor Serfilippi who spoke on behalf of the Marche Region, with which the Association has been engaged in dialogue for some time now: “the Cannes fair represents a great opportunity for the Marche Region to continue supporting the competitive repositioning of our production chains. The boating industry is a sector in great development and of significant importance for our territory; having an interlocutor like the MYC Association represents an added value to implement concrete actions.
Calls for tenders will soon be issued to encourage industrial research and technological innovation, also and above all with reference to the nautical sector”.