The Marche Yachting & Cruising (MYC) Association organized a meeting between the students of the Marche region’s high schools, coordinated by the Regional School Office, and the nautical industry in the Marche region to bring them closer to the Yachting & Cruises sector by offering an overview of the various professions that can represent a choice and an option for their working future.

The event, entitled “Navigating towards the future, the role of the local nautical industry”, took place on 14th March 2023 at the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona and will involve numerous students aged between 15 and 18, as well as professionals from member companies of the MYC Association, wished to explain in three panels about their educational and professional backgrounds, their dreams since they were youngsters, and how they came to hold their current roles, through exciting stories, anecdotes, and life experiences.

The Marche Yachting & Cruising Association wanted to explain to young people that the pleasure boating/yachting and luxury cruising industry, historically present in the Marche Region for over ninety years, recognised and renowned worldwide, is well developed in the entire design and production chain and potentially an important job opportunity for professional figures, graduates and/or those with a master’s/doctorate.
Indeed, member companies are constantly looking for specialised workers, technicians, engineers, architects, designers, administrative staff, economics graduates, logistics and purchasing office staff, and many other professional figures.

Currently, the Marche Yachting & Cruising Association, autonomous and legally constituted in August 2021, represents the entire yachting supply chain in the Marche region with 26 Members including: Shipyards (CRN Gruppo Ferretti, Cantiere delle Marche, CPN, Lisa Group (Rossini shipyard), Nerea Yachts, Palumbo Superyachts, Silent Yachts, Wider Yachts), Designers (FM Architettura di Interni, LP Luxury Projects, Massari Design), Plant Designers (Team Italia, Furlanetto International, Videoworks), Interior Contractors (Poltrona Frau, Cantori, Mino Decor), Component Manufacturers (AMS Advanced Mechanical Solutions, Corset/Linset,F. lli Canalicchio, I-Carbon), Service Providers (Marine Shore Assistance, Planstudio, SailADV, Sail Solutions), as well as the prestigious Marche Polytechnic University.

The Association aims to:
– Unify the sector’s voice in relations with institutions and schools
– Adhere to the Marche Region’s programme of regional specialisations
– Promote innovation and internationalisation projects
– Dialogue with schools to work on training processes, so that there are basic skills for the sector.